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October 17-23, 2020
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3rd China (Beijing) Leisure Conference to Open Pinggu on Oct. 25
Source:Date:Oct 18,2019

New Form of Leisure Industry, New Powerhouse for Urban Development


The Third China (Beijing) Leisure Conference will be held in the capital’s Pinggu District on October 25-26 under the aegis of the China Tourism Association (CTA), Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Pinggu District Government, officials announced at a press conference for the event on October 15.

Han Xiaobo, deputy director of the Office of the Executive Committee for the 2020 Beijing (Pinggu) World Leisure Congress and deputy head of Pinggu District Government, as well as officials from the CTA and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, gave a briefing on the preparatory work for the conference and its highlights.


Based on the success of the two earlier editions of the conference held in 2017 and 2018, the theme of this year’s conference is “New Form of Leisure Industry, New Powerhouse for Urban Development.” The agenda of the two-day event consists of the inauguration ceremony, a keynote forum, three parallel forums, the China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Expo and the First Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge.



This year’s leisure conference will also serve as a rehearsal for the 2020 World Leisure Congress. It will see leisure experts, well-known leisure businesses, organizations, government agencies and NGOs from home and abroad discuss the hot topics in the leisure industry, introduce the latest achievements and new products, and discuss cooperation between firms, universities and research institutes. It will also be a platform to explore new leisure business formats and promote the leisure lifestyle.


Compared with the two earlier editions, this year’s conference will be attended by a higher number of professional speakers and will have more profeNew Form of Leisure Industry, New Powerhouse for Urban Development



3rd China (Beijing) Leisure Conference to Open  Pinggu on Oct. 25

ssional activities. At the keynote forum, Cristina Ortega Nuere, chief operating officer of the World Leisure Organization, Li Baochun, executive deputy secretary-general of the World Tourism Cities Federation, Wang Qiyan, head of Leisure Economy Research Center at Renmin University of China, and Zhang Yiwu, professor of Chinese cultural studies at Peking University, will speak on the frontier issues in the leisure field.


The three parallel forums will respectively focus on health maintenance, festivals and culture, as well as culture- and tourism-related intellectual properties. Industry experts from Beijing International Studies University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Forestry University, Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hunan Normal University and other renowned institutions will deliver keynote speeches and participate in high-profile dialogues at the parallel forums.


In addition to the forums, the China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Expo, the First Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge and other interactive activities will also highlight the conference theme and demonstrate Chinese leisure activities by introducing new achievements and products in leisure, thereby promoting the leisure lifestyle.


The First Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge will be held during the international leisure industry expo. Through games such as Chinese ring puzzle and Luban Lock, the event will demonstrate the wisdom of ancient Chinese and promote ancient Chinese puzzles and traditional Chinese culture while emphasizing a healthy lifestyle.


Those interested in taking part in the games need to register online either via the website of the CTA’s culture and sports tourism branch, the websites of 30 museums in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, or the official WeChat account of Beijing Vintage Telephone Museum. Registration is open till October 25. There is no on-site registration.


The venues and supporting facilities of the 2020 World Leisure Congress are under construction as per schedule. At the opening ceremony of the Third China (Beijing) Leisure Conference, the mascot of the 2020 World Leisure Congress will be disclosed and the Gold Leaf Award, an innovation project of the World Leisure Congress, will be inaugurated.


Pinggu, the venue of the China (Beijing) Leisure Conference, is an eco-conservation zone northeast of Beijing. Standing at the junction of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, Pinggu enjoys outstanding geographic advantages thanks to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and is endowed with a beautiful ecological environment. With 67.9 percent forest cover, the highest among all districts in Beijing, Pinggu is the first national forest county in the capital.


With its beautiful landscape, forest cover, well-developed agriculture and historic and cultural heritage, Pinggu has developed the leisure industry as a pillar industry. Now it aims to become a key eco-conservation zone as well as a regional eco-governance coordination zone in east Beijing. Pinggu is also seeking to be a model district for innovative development of the leisure and green economy, a model district for innovation of agro-technology, and a comprehensive logistics hub serving the capital.


In 2016, it received the National Tourism Administration’s approval to develop into a national model district for all-for-one tourism, being one of the first pilot localities. Since then, Pinggu has passed the test and joined the list. Today, it is one of the three such districts in Beijing and one of the 71 throughout the country.


By hosting the World Leisure Congress, Pinggu as an ecological leisure district will contribute more to Beijing’s foreign exchange revenue and its role will increase in Beijing’s growth as an international exchange center and a cultural center.