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October 17-23, 2020
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One-Year Countdown to 2020 World Leisure Congress Begins
Source:Date:Oct 21,2019

A ceremony at Century Square in Beijing’s Pinggu District on October 18 signaled the start of the one-year countdown to the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, the most influential academic event in the field of leisure. Han Xiaobo, deputy director of the Office of the Executive Committee for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress and deputy chief of the Pinggu District Government, as well as officials from various departments, townships and subdistricts of Pinggu attended the countdown ceremony.


The one-year countdown means the preparatory work for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress has entered the final stage. Pinggu will mobilize its entire resources to host the World Leisure Congress in an environment-friendly way. The objective is to develop itself as an ecological leisure district with tourism and the leisure industry as its pillars.


The World Leisure Congress is held once every two years by the World Leisure Organization. The 16th World Leisure Congress will take place in Beijing in 2020, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government and co-organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Pinggu District Government. The 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress will open at the Jinhai Lake International Conference and Exhibition Center in Pinggu on October 18, 2020.



Pinggu is an eco-conservation zone northeast of Beijing. Standing at the junction of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, it is endowed with a beautiful ecological environment. With 67.9 percent forest cover, the highest among all districts in Beijing, Pinggu is the first national forest county in the capital. Due to its beautiful landscape, forest cover, well-developed agriculture and historic and cultural heritage, Pinggu was approved as one of the first national model districts for international all-for-one tourism.


With the World Leisure Congress, Pinggu as an ecological leisure district will make a greater contribution to Beijing’s foreign exchanges and play a greater role in Beijing’s growth as an international exchange center and a cultural center.