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October 17-23, 2020
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3rd China (Beijing) Leisure Conference Opens
Source:Date:Oct 29,2019

New Form of Leisure Industry, New Powerhouse for Urban Development

The Third China (Beijing) Leisure Conference opened in Pinggu District, Beijing, on the morning of October 25. Themed “New Form of Leisure Industry, New Powerhouse for Urban Development,” the two-day conference was held under the aegis of the China Tourism Association (CTA), Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Pinggu District Government. Organized by the Office of the Executive Committee for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, it brought together leisure experts, well-known leisure businesses and representatives from a number of leisure cities across the country to discuss the hot topics and new trends in the leisure industry, introduce new formats and products, and join hands to promote a leisure lifestyle.


Speakers at the opening ceremony included Roger L. Coles, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the World Leisure Organization (WLO), Wang Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal Government, Jack Agrios, WLO legal advisor, Song Yu, Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and Wang Minghao, head of Pinggu District Government. The 500-plus attendees included officials from Beijing and Pinggu as well as from the culture and tourism bureaus of Hebei, Tianjin, Xinjiang and Henan, scholars from the leisure sector and media personnel.





Compared with the two earlier editions, this year’s conference was attended by a larger number of professional speakers, and its activities are more professional. The agenda consisted of the inauguration ceremony, a keynote forum, three parallel forums, the China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Expo and the First Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge.


Professional guests such as Cristina Ortega Nuere, Chief Operating Officer of the WLO, Li Baochun, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the World Tourism Cities Federation, Wang Qiyan, head of the Leisure Economy Research Center at Renmin University of China, and Zhang Yiwu, professor of Chinese cultural studies at Peking University, spoke at the keynote forum on the frontier issues in the leisure field.


The three parallel forums, respectively themed on health maintenance, festivals and culture, as well as culture and tourism-related intellectual properties, had industry experts give the keynote speeches and take part in high-profile dialogues. All these academic, professional and interactive activities highlighted the conference theme and served as a rehearsal for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress.


2020 World Leisure Congress Mascot “Taotao” Unveiled

The mascot for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, Taotao, the pink smiling monkey, was launched at the opening ceremony. Taotao, which means peach in Chinese, is a cartoon incarnation of a stone monkey sculpture excavated at Shangzhai, an ancient Neolithic site in Pinggu.


Taotao’s head resembles the peach, a specialty product of Pinggu, its hair bun has been adapted from the Shangzhai stone monkey’s, and it wears a dapper scarf shaped like a peach leaf. The combination highlights the local cultural and ecological features of Pinggu and the easy, natural and leisure style of the World Leisure Congress. The peach-pink and green colors of the mascot embody the Shangzhai culture, the peach culture, and the long history and culture of Pinggu, as well as harmony between man and nature.



Gold Leaf Award Campaign Launched

At the opening ceremony, the Gold Leaf Award campaign, an innovative program for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, was also launched. Organized by the Office of the Executive Committee for the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, it will select lifestyle cases from across the world to deliver a leisure and healthy life concept, discover leisure life destinations, promote an international leisure lifestyle and initiate a leisure-for-all era.


One of the essential programs of the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress, the Gold Leaf Award program will see 30 cases selected for final evaluation by mid-July 2020. The review board, consisting of members from leisure and health, leisure culture and tourism, leisure sports, ecology and leisure economy sectors, will select 10 cases with the most outstanding significance in culture, sharing, innovation, social benefits and industry. The award ceremony will be held during the 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress.


Leisure Industry Expo Attracts 126 Exhibitors

The China (Beijing) International Leisure Industry Expo also opened on October 25. The expo, in which 126 exhibitors took part, had a combined indoor and outdoor area of 4,000 square meters. It was divided into six sections: the World Leisure Congress, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Chinese leisure cities, traditional cultural and creative ideas, leisure fashion and international leisure cities.


To draw attention to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the expo offered an outdoor interactive section for winter sports and lectures on the Olympic Winter Games.


Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge Held

As an innovative activity in this year’s leisure conference, the First Traditional Chinese Puzzle Game Challenge was held during the international leisure industry expo. Through games such as the Chinese ring puzzle, Luban Lock and chess of Chinese characteristics, the event promoted the outstanding intangible traditional Chinese culture, integrating ancient Chinese wisdom and leisure and making ancient Chinese puzzles and creative cultural products more popular.


The event had a knockout round and a final with 150 players from across the country taking part in.


The 2020 Beijing-Pinggu World Leisure Congress will be held from October 17-23, 2020 with “Leisure Makes Life Better” as its theme. The goals are holding a successful leisure congress, establishing a famous brand as “a capital of ecological leisure,” and building a pillar industry of leisure and tourism. The venues and supporting facilities of the 2020 World Leisure Congress are under construction as per schedule.


The major structure of the Jinhai Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is the main venue of the leisure congress, was roofed in June this year as scheduled. Construction of urban facilities such as transportation, power and natural gas connection has started while construction of the parallel venues and their supporting facilities has been accelerated.