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Notice on selection of the 1st  International Leisure Life-style Cases Award in 2020
Source:Date:Mar 07,2020

In order to better transmit the new concept of leisure life, boost the development of leisure industry, gather the world leisure life cases, and create sample of leisure cities in China, we are now open to the public to collect leisure life style cases. All the social groups, industrial brands, destination communities and other cases that meet the leisure life scenarios are welcome to sign up for participation.

People's yearning for a better life is the pursuit of "Case Award".


. Application notes

Enrolment channel

Case work (application form, text, picture, video, etc.) should be sent to Any questions can be sent to this e-mail, too.

The way to obtain registration form

1. Download application form on official website.

2. Follow " 2020北京平谷世界休闲大会(Pinggu 2020 World Leisure Congress Beijing China)" WeChat Subscription Accounts, and then send "case registration" to get the application form download.

Date of ApplicationJanuary 1 to December 31, 2020



Ⅱ. Award Set-up and Evaluation Criteria

1. Award Set-up

The International Leisure Life-style Case Award consists of four awards: 2 gold awards, 3 silver awards, 5 bronze awards and 20 nomination awards.



2. Evaluation Criteria

The application cases are selected from the following five categories:

1. Spread significance

2. Innovative significance

3. Industrial significance

4. Share significance

5. Social significance



.Selection Rules

1. CollectionFrom January 1 to December 31, 2020

Through various channels, open to the public collection of leisure lifestyle cases.

2. SelectionFrom January 1 to January 31, 2021

The selection committee will complete the selection work in five categories and

nominate 30 case works for the final review.

3. ReviewFrom March 1 to March 15, 2021

The chairman of the review committee shall convene a plenary meeting of the review members.The judges will evaluate the project objectively, impartially, and scientifically based on the nomination opinions of the selection committee, and finally selec t 10  award-winning cases, which will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze awards.

4. Award18 April 2021, a.m.

Winners and awards will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Pinggu 2020 World Leisure Congress Beijing China  


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2020 Beijing·Pinggu World Leisure Congress Executive Committee Office

The Organization Committee of the 1st International Leisure Life-style Cases Award in 2020


March 1, 2020